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Talent Transfer began with The Talent Transfer Talks

Reaching almost every professional football club and thousands of footballers, we are building to start moving across different sports. We offer unique services and workshops to better athletes careers and lifestyle after.

The Talent Transfer Talks are geared towards aspiring footballers, young professional footballers, staff and parents. Due to our founders career, we can knowledge that there is a gap in the football system that many players find themselves in which is, what happens if I get released? What is there for me to do now? Talent transfer is there for the players that find themselves here, we come in before the decision day and workshop with a team/individual, on how to prepare for the future. We explain to them what is on offer for them whilst playing and post playing career, how to better their chances on obtaining a professional contract, how you as footballer should be treated in a professional sporting environment and the transferable skills you subconsciously grow during your time in football.

Footballers Reached

We also have specialised workshops for staff within the football set up, explaining to them how the young football generation of today think and the severity of staffing actions on the players mind state. Lastly, parents/carers of the young professional players, we offer a service to contact them and help advise them through different stages of their young persons playing career and how to best communicate with them if difficulties arise.

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