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We’ve collected and organized some resources that we feel are important for you to have. You can find links to these resourece here throughout this page.

Talent Transfer School Programme PDF

A detailed document that describes the the program’s offer and how to enquire if your are interested.

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LFE Life Skills Sessions

League Football Education is committed to providing life skills-based education to support academy player success in and out of professional football.

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Chasing the Dream

Blud Bruvvas Xclusive

Talent Transfer Talk

Fleetwood Town Apprentices


Keys & Gray Show: The Birth Of Talent Transfer

Where other companies fail you, we thrive

Talent Transfer put the people first, in times of uncertainty we are there to solidify and refocus your career trajectory.

Footballers reached by our programs

Our first thought is support

Talent transfer offering a number one service to get into the minds of people that want to access their full potential in an industry that they truly love.